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A Note From My Mother...

My mother met Drusilla first, before she became a family friend. 
Here are her thoughts
Thank you Sherry L. Hartwell

Dru came into my life with her very first novels. It was early 1980. We didn’t have computers then. I had a new IBM Selectric and was free-lance typing at home—psychological theses and dissertations. What a breath of fresh air to read her stories about strong women with minds of their own who could think and fight in clever ways. The settings were early civilization with images of Greek gods and goddesses fighting battles, their lives at stake. I could not type fast enough to see how it all came out. Those characters have stayed with me. Lots of action as well as thought-out intentions of what to do in critical moments of living.

As the years went by, I have been blessed with an ongoing connection with Dru and her family, being at the Labor Day parties to celebrate her life and the life of others and conversations over dinner at each other’s home.  She encouraged and supported Elena’s writing. Later on she shared her delight of children with our grandchildren. Charlotte, Kevin, Steven and I joined the Campbells for the 2000 New Year's celebration at their home. We sat in the back yard and watched the fireworks with her family and friends. Magical. Sometimes Dru and I met for coffee where we shared our lives, our worries, wishes. She brought complex thought and hope into life.

One of Dru’s practices: When she woke up in the morning, Art brought her tea. Before getting out of bed, she wrote for ten to fifteen minutes, anything that came to mind. She was open to what was there. Her own being was the source of her inspiration. I used to do that. Time for a restart.

Joy, complexity of thought, kind caring for others, exploration, only some of the gifts she brought to me. Dru and I are only six months apart in age. Her unexpected awful illness and her death reminds me not to take anyone’s life for granted. I miss her. Today, I will begin reading In Doubt and cherish her spirit.  

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