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Question Three with Thriller Writer Robert Rapoza

Here at Arcofawriter, pets are very important. I noticed author Robert Rapoza had a very cute dog, so I thought I'd ask about his little superhero.

My dog's name is Bandit and he is a mutt. We purchased him from a rescue, taking the whole family, my wife, daughter and son, to make the decision. Once we got to the shelter, Bandit, a pup at the time wandered to my son and sat down in his lap. We wanted a hypoallergenic dog that didn't shed, as I have allergies to dog dander. We were assured that Bandit was part Poodle and, therefore, we wouldn't find fur falling off all around the house The decision was made and we made arrangements for a home visit. The owner came and declared us a fit family and we've had Bandit ever since. Let me say that the hypoallergenic claim was one of the greatest examples of false advertising of all time. I could make a coat with all the fur Bandit sheds each week. But he's a wonderful dog and we love him dearly.

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