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Word for the Week

Simile and Metaphor: Both useful in writing. Simile- something is LIKE something else. Metaphor- something IS something else.

Simile: Love is like a rose.
Metaphor: Love is a rose.

Rewrites are the perfect time to include metaphors and similes into your work. Find places where you can spice up your writing. Rather than describing what something looks like - the closet was seven feet long and three feet wide - use a metaphor: the closet was a coffin. This tells the reader what the room feels like, not just the dimensions. What matters more? The exact dimensions? Or that our heroine is trapped in a closet that feels like a coffin?

Locate places in your work that feel dry, info dumps where you need description, but want a little more zing- then try out a simile or metaphor. Be creative! We've all heard love is a rose, but what else can it be?

Prompt for the Week

My wish for the new year is...


The hyoid bone is a tiny, horseshoe shaped bone found in the neck. When a character has this bone broken- detectives assume strangulation as the cause of death.

Prompt for the Week

The most painful experience I can remember in my life was when...

Word for the Week

Quoits: Possibly the precursor to the game of horseshoes. Played with metal, rope, or rubber rings, thrown near or on a spike. 

Prompt for the Week

As a child I remember the holidays meant ...