Stories have arcs. Characters have arcs. Writers have arcs. We write, we get better at our craft. We read, we get better at our craft. We interact with other writers and our readers, we get better at our craft. Whether you are a professional writer or just starting out. Hobby or career. We are all in this together. Welcome.

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Prompt for the Week

When I travel I feel...

Word for the Week

Barnstormer: One who travels around the country, often making political speeches. Can also be an actor or acting troupe who travels around producing plays.

One who appears at carnivals or fairs, executing flying demonstrations and parachute jumping.

One who travels to participate in games as an athlete, especially baseball.

Also Barnstorming

Prompt for the Week

One thing I have lost in my life is...

Word for the Week

Commissure: a place where two things are joined, as in the tract of fibers joining the hemispheres of the brain.